Our Platform

Alice Platform

Adopted by the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
July 10, 2017

Healthy Communities

We believe that good health and access to health services should not just be reserved for those who can afford it. Access to nutritious food, healthcare, and behavioral health services are all necessary for a healthy community, especially for the LGBTQ community, which has historically had disproportionately poorer health outcomes.

It is the position of Alice that:



We believe in a ‘Housing First’ approach to homelessness. While there are often many needs that homeless individuals must address in the long term, we believe that housing is a prerequisite to being able to address almost all others needs. Everybody deserves safe, decent, and affordable housing. Families and individuals currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness also need access to resources and support. The continuum of resources and services available to homeless populations ought to be accessible, easy to navigate, and responsive to individual and local needs.

It is the position of Alice that:


Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system should focus on reducing crime and factors known to increase crime. The system should also prioritize enforcement of crimes that unfairly exploit and target marginalized communities, instead of selectively enforcing laws against marginalized communities. The criminal justice system should work to connect individuals to aspects of society that support them in expanding lawful opportunities and freedom once their sentence is served. The justice system should be free of racial, religious, national origin, gender (including identity and expression), socioeconomic, and LGBTQ bias.

It is the position of Alice that:



San Francisco is facing a monumental crisis of affordable housing availability. Alice believes that reasonable access to safe, stable, and affordable housing is a basic human right, as well as a critical component to a truly livable, equitable, and sustainable twenty-first century city. Our city’s policies must work flexibly and smartly to balance support of housing market forces with the protection of our residents, to ensure that not only the LGBTQ community, but all San Franciscans, have access to affordable housing. Alice’s positions on housing attempt to balance the immediate crisis with long-term problem solving, and existing residents’ stability with future residents’ housing affordability. We believe a balanced approach not only will genuinely move San Francisco forward on this monumental challenge, but is morally required.

It is the position of Alice that:

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