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2011/2012 Preview: Easy as 1, 2, 3: With the advent of Labor Day, the election season is fully upon us in San Francisco. First, we have the final months of this November’s citywide election. Mayor, District Attorney, Sheriff, and eight important local ballot measures to consider. As we pass Labor Day, all the campaigns shift

Alice Celebrates 40 Years with Pride! On Pride Sunday, Alice had the most successful pride breakfast in our 40-year history! We broke records on every front, ticket sales, attendance, fundraising, and compliments on a job well done. In fact, we sold out the event and had to shut down our online ticketing service! Thank you

Gay Marriage, Where Are We & Where Are We Headed? The Washington Post reported on Tuesday April 26, 2011: “To hear them describe it, defenders of traditional marriage during last year’s trial on California’s Proposition 8 felt like the visiting team in a game with a hometown referee.” The hometown referee that

Its April, and June’s Busting Out All Over Beginning the year as Aliceʼs incoming Co-Chair I prepared, as any good Democrat of a longtime Democratic Club would do, to heed the call by our new Democratic governor for a special election this June. And I rallied the cause with gusto. I loved the idea of

Unrest in the Middle East Could Spell Global Freedom Civil unrest in the Middle East and North Africa is spreading like wild fire, with records of violent incidents in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, where people are dying in demonstrations against their repressive governments. The protests in the Arab world are inspired by the recent successful

Turning 40 As I was turning 40 last year, there were times when I’d worry and be troubled by the thought of aging. But then, ironically, the opposite occurred as the day hit. I welcomed it with a whole new outlook and began to see a fuller future before me. Alice is on its way

Netroots Nation, an organization dedicated to providing progressive voices with a national forum, recently held its fifth annual convention, during which Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about ENDA and her thoughts on its eventual passage. “I can’t give you a time. But I can tell you that it is a priority and it had been

Constant Struggle How about that Alice Breakfast? I confess, I can’t stop talking or thinking about it. I find excuses to bring it up with people. In fact, when I see someone who attended the breakfast, I will usually start the conversation by asking, “How about that breakfast?” Over 415 people attended our event this

I want to be the first to wish you all Happy Pride! I remember the very first time I heard that from a gorgeous drag queen. It was my very first Pride parade. I had ventured to San Francisco, I was still in the closet, and I was dodging news cameras for fear that my

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