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New Worlds

September 6, 2012 | Co-Chair Column

Nearly a decade ago, I began two monumental life adventures which framed my life these last many years: I joined the Board of Directors of Alice I began working with Mark Leno Now, in 2012, things are once again greatly changing in my life, as I begin anew in all my life’s roles. With Alice,

Alice members have an excellent opportunity to learn more about Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin. On August 21st, we will join the Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition in sponsoring a presentation at the Commonwealth Club featuring author and scholar Michael Long, who recently released the book “I Must Resist: Bayard Rustin’s Life in Letters”. Bayard Rustin

The Hon. David Chiu President, Board of Supervisors 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA 94102 Dear President Chiu: The Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club writes to support the resolution by Supervisor Scott Wiener to have the San Francisco Board of Supervisors go on record in support of Congressman Bob Filner, the

Bay Area Reporter Guest Opinion by Martha Knutzen and Reese Aaron Isbell Recent events, whether it is against a gay man in a dorm at a public university, or a young African American man walking at night in a gated community in Florida, or a woman in San Francisco who was the victim of false imprisonment by

Life After Love; It Gets Better Over the last few years our LGBT community has spoken out strongly on the issue of bullies in the schoolyard. After a series of high-profile deaths, we were able to speak through YouTube and other means to our young people directly and offer them hope and support. The ‘It

Hooking Up at Alice I’m not a big donor. I don’t make a ton of money. I’m not a VIP or a major fundraiser or a SuperPAC. I’m just me, average regular everyday activist who tries his best to make the world a little bit of a better place through community involvement. So I’ve never

The 2012 Direction I am very honored to have been elected Co-Chair at our January meeting. This was the first time a Chair was elected through our reformed bylaws process, which meant I was nominated by the Board and then elected by our members. I really learned a lot from everyone as I discussed the

Alice Works (Her Butt Off)! 2011 Break-down: In my first year as Alice Co-Chair I realized just how much work it is to run this amazing organization. I’ve been on the Board of the Club since 2004, but I really had no idea how much everyone does until I had the unique vantage point of

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