Jane Kim video attacking Alice Board Member Gary McCoy.

Jane Kim video attacking Alice Board Member Gary McCoy.

The Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club is shocked and saddened by the latest attack from the Jane Kim for Senate campaign, this time on Alice Board member Gary McCoy.

Mr. McCoy volunteered to appear in an Equality California ad in support of his friend and mentor, Supervisor Scott Wiener. On October 15, the Kim for Senate campaign released a misleading video stating that he was a paid “spokesperson,” despite the easily verified fact that Mr. McCoy has not worked for Supervisor Wiener for a long time.

Alice Co- chairs Lou Fischer and Brian Leubitz were dismayed to see one of their members of the Alice board attacked for voluntarily sharing his poignant life experience in a television ad in support of Scott Wiener’s Senate Campaign.

“Gary has been a valuable member of Alice for several years,” said club co-chair Brian Leubitz. “He has seen both sides of the housing issues, and understands the importance of addressing the current crisis. Gary’s story, and Supervisor Wiener’s role as a mentor, is one that should be praised, not attacked.”

Co-chair Lou Fischer said “Gary has worked hard for his community. This cynical attack does not do anything to help address the housing crisis that contributes to the increased homeless population and exodus of long-time residents of San Francisco who are forced to leave the Bay Area. Supervisor Kim should apologize for this unnecessary personal attack.”

About Alice: The Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club is the nation’s oldest LGBT political club. The Club is dedicated to advocating within the Democratic Party for human rights, social and economic justice, and equality for all persons, foremost the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. We strive to ensure that all persons are valued and represented, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Our mission is to improve the lives of all San Franciscans by identifying and electing candidates who fight for inclusivity, integrity, diversity, and fairness, and by placing the needs of people above politics.

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