Vote for 2016 Alice Board at January 11 General Membership Meeting

January 11th membership meeting at 6:30pm
NEW Location:
“The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics,” located at 518 Valencia (at 16th Street) 

(Due to the renovations at the LGBT Center)

Happy New Year! 2015 was a tremendous year for the club and 2016 promises to be an exciting and busy political year for San Francisco, California and the nation. To meet the challenge, we need an active and engaged board this year. The Nominations Committee met last month to nominate new Board members and committee assignments and leadership.

Below, you will find the 2016 Alice Board nominations. Please come vote at the Jan 11th meeting to approve the new board. We look forward to a fantastic year for Alice!

Nominated 2016 Alice Board:

Co-chairs: Brian Leubitz & Louise Fischer
Immediate Past Co-Chair: Zoe Dunning
Secretary: Curt-Gerard Robinson
Treasurer: Scott Nielsen
Parliamentarian: Greg Flores

PAC Committee
Gina Simi, Co-Chair
Adam Taylor, Co-Chair
Mark Dunlop, Board Member
Micah P Hilt, Board Member
David Augustine, Em Board
Anna Damiani, Em Board
Reese Isbell, Em Board
Lisa Williams, Em Board

Events Committee
Coma Te, Co-Chair
John Baldo, Co-Chair
Jack Song, Board Member
Gary McCoy, Board Member
Jason Chan, Em Board
Bentrish Satarzadeh, Em Board

Finance Committee
Eric Lukoff, Co-Chair
Mawuli Tugbenyoh, Co-Chair
David Fujimoto, Board Member
Lori Bilella , Board Member
Ken Cleaveland, Em Board
Francis Tsang, Em Board
Myong Leigh, Em Board

Field Committee
Ken LaSlavic, Co-Chair
Megan Siems, Co-Chair
Conor Johnston, Board Member
Joel Engardio, Board Member
James Barolo , Board Member
DeAnthony Jones , Board Member
Rebecca Prozan, Em Board

Programs Committee
Curt G. Robinson, Co-Chair
Mark Murphy, Co-Chair
PJ Moore, Board Member
Jerry Fuller, Em Board
Matthew Rothschild, Em Board

Policy Committee
Joe Goldman, Co-Chair
Keith Baraka, Co-Chair
Jackie Omotalade, Board Member
Cecilia Chung, Em Board
Michael Costa, Em Board
Martha Knutzen, Em Board
Andrea Shorter, Em Board

Communications Committee
Shaun Haines, Co-Chair
Jay Cheng, Co-Chair
Ahalya Srikant , Board Member
Owen Stephens, Em Board
Charles Sheehan, Em Board

Membership Committee
Olivia Parker, Co-Chair
Thomas Li, Co-Chair
Debra Cleaver , Board Member
Alex Randolph, Em Board
Ron Flynn, Em Board
Jim Illig, Em Board

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