Every August before a November election, the Alice Political Action Committee (PAC)  gets together to carefully consider every ballot measure and Democratic candidate that will come before San Francisco voters. The discussions are insightful and offer the opportunity to really dig into the various measures.

This year Alice has another great slate of endorsements. On the candidate side, we are very excited about the Alice endorsed city-wide leaders, Mayor Edwin Lee, District Attorney George Gascón, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and Treasurer Jose Cisneros. We are also particularly enthusiastic about our support for two amazing women running for office for the first time, Vicki Hennessy for Sheriff and District 3 Supervisor Julie Christensen. And of course, we are very proud of Alice Board Member Alex Randolph, and his campaign to retain his seat on the City College Board of Trustees. All of these candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to the city, to the Democratic Party and to the LGBT community.

The eleven ballot measures that San Franciscans will decide at the ballot can certainly be confusing. At our PAC meeting, we heard from speakers representing both sides of each measure and then as a PAC, discussed them in detail. It is through this deliberative process that we come to our endorsement decisions. We know it can be daunting to go through the ballot guide that will arrive in our mailboxes in a few weeks, but the Alice endorsements come with a promise that we have seriously considered these measures and that the club came to a solid consensus on our position for each of the measures.

In the coming weeks, our field team will be reaching out to voters across the city to spread the word about these great endorsements and to increase voter turnout. No matter how you vote, San Francisco is always better served by high levels of participation in our elections, so tell all your friends, family members and neighbors to vote by November 3rd.

Watch this newsletter for updates on our field efforts – we would love for you to join us!


Zoe Dunning and Brian Leubitz
Co-chairs, Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

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