Fellow Alice Members –
I want to take a moment to say thank you! Your endorsement was very important to me personally, as I have always admired the Alice B Toklas Democratic Club and have been a member for over 10 years. We share many of the same values of equality and integrity that I hold in my personal life and in my role as District 10 Supervisor. Since assuming office, I have supported the LGBT community and all San Franciscans by:

  • Supporting the creation of an LGBT Senior Task Force to address the needs of the aging LGBT community
  • Securing and increasing funds for services targeting at-risk LGBT seniors and youth, particularly in communities of color.
  • Co-authoring legislation that provides a fair chance at jobs and affordable housing for individuals with a conviction history.
  • Fighting for an increase in the minimum wage
  • Supporting programs & events, such as “Gayview Night Out,” to raise awareness, activate, and engage the LGBT community in Bayview Hunters Point and throughout District 10
  • Partnering with U.T.O.P.I.A. to help spread awareness and education about the LGBT Pacific Islander and Polynesian community
  • Spearheading legislation to protect and expand our City’s manufacturing industries that employ local residents in blue-collar jobs.
  • Recruiting and recommending members of the LGBT community for appointments to important citywide commission
  • I am honored to earn your sole endorsement because your organization has been an advocate and ally for the LGBT community, and for all San Franciscans, by supporting leaders and policies that improve the lives of all of our City’s residents and keeping San Francisco a diverse, progressive and tolerant City.

District 10 deserves a leader in City Hall who has the experience, commitment, and pragmatism to guide us through the next four years. San Francisco is at a critical juncture – while our economy is thriving, many San Franciscans are struggling to afford to live in our great City. We need a leader who will stand up for all of us and look for real solutions to address the challenges we face.

In my second term on the Board of Supervisors, my priorities will be tackling housing affordability, increasing public safety, bringing more living wage jobs to residents in District 10, and expanding neighborhood services in the Southeastern sector of our City including improved transportation.

Thank you again for your support. Together, we can keep District to working, healthy, affordable, and safe.

Malia Cohen 
Supervisor, District 10

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