By Kimberly Toney Williams

Thank you very much for endorsing my campaign for Superior Court Judge.  I am running for Superior Court Judge because I believe that the County of San Francisco deserves a leader who brings experience, equality, and integrity to the courtroom. I have  actively served in San Francisco for over 19 years as an Assistant District Attorney and believe I am the most qualified candidate in the race.If I am elected judge, I pledge to bring justice to all by focusing on these three important goals:

I am committed to increasing accessibility to our justice system for all. In recent years, our courts have suffered due to severe cuts in the budget. People of color as well as the economically disadvantaged are disproportionately impacted by these cuts. Fundraising cuts have decimated the scope of support services, entry points into the court and placed a heavy burden on existing resources. Throughout my two decades as an attorney, I have honed the skills necessary to effectively serve the people of San Francisco as Superior Court Judge.

I have  successfully prosecuted serious cases involving child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, fraud, and career criminals. I strongly believe the courts serve as a critical enforcement mechanism in our justice system and play a key role in dispute resolution. Expediency of case resolution and ensuring individuals are granted due process are not mere courtesies, it is the law. I will work diligently as a prosecutor to safeguard each person’s right and expectation of assistance from our justice system.

Times change—and courts must change with them while upholding the letter of the law. I have  a   fiduciary duty to our legal system and the people of San Francisco to ensure openness in sentencing as well as exploring mediation and employing remedial efforts prior to trial.

I will work with an open mind committed to the consideration of all factors as your Superior Court Judge.

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