Tim Colen, Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition

Tim Colen, Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition

By Tim Colen
Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition

The members of the Alice B. Toklas Club deserve enormous credit for their leadership in opposing Prop B.  The City is lucky to have groups like yours that respond with common sense to silly political games.

In spite of its deceptive language, Prop B represents a dangerous vision of what San Francisco should do with its derelict industrial lands along our eastern waterfront.

Despite its bland appearance, Prop B is a crazy political scheme that would severely harm the value of an enormous swath of our public property.  The San Francisco Port has conducted an analysis of its fiscal effects that should frighten any voter.  They conclude that $8.46 Billion projected for the Port Harbor Fund could be “delayed, reduced or lost” as a result of Prop B.

Other US cities repurpose their old industrial land in ways that respond to a vision for the future, one that maximizes public benefits.  They do not downzone their derelict public land.  Prop B makes no sense as a modern urban planning tool – it only makes sense for continuing insider political games.

The City is enduring a brutal housing affordability crisis that cannot be solved unless we find the will to increase housing production. This vacant, unused waterfront land could deliver many thousands of new middle-income homes.

Do not be deceived by slogans that promise “citizen participation,” yet are designed to prevent us from responding to the challenges we actually face.

Vote No on Prop B!

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