Melissa Griffin Caen, Journalist

Melissa Griffin Caen, Journalist

Melissa Griffin Caen

Term limits have forced Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-17) to stop bogarting the representation of San Francisco in the state assembly. (You’re next Leno!) While no one can truly replace our inimitable Ammiano, two brave men have dared to try: David Campos and David Chiu.

Two, yes two! Despite the similarities that might lead you to think there is only one. They are both Harvard Law graduates. Both are San Francisco transplants. Both are members of the Board of Supervisors. Both are named David and both have extremely understanding spouses. (Did I mention this gig requires working in Sacramento? Sweet Jesus…)

What are the differences? That’s why we’re having a debate! State politics are often for the “Boring but Important” file, but the state legislature is where laws are made that dictate evictions, guns and criminal sentencing. We’ll take a look at where the candidates stand on these and other key issues. Which David will support high-speed rail? Which will look out for foster youth? Which will yell at Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Kiss my gay ass!” (Sadly, probably neither.)

This year’s race for the Assembly is especially exciting because it features a newly-drawn District 17 and the jungle primary, which means that the Davids will face off once in the June primary and again in November.

State Senator Mark Leno once said, “The best master class for a seat in the legislature is a term on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.” Luckily, we have two graduates to choose from. Let the games begin.

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