Please come to our membership meeting to vote to allow this early endorsement: February 10th, 6:30 PM at the LGBT Center.

January 30, 2014: At the January 27 Board meeting, the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club PAC voted to recommend to you, the membership, that our club early endorse Scott Wiener for his reelection as District 8 Supervisor and our sole endorsee. Pursuant to the Alice Bylaws, there will be a vote at the February 10th membership meeting to allow an early endorsement vote, and then at the March 10th membership meeting, a vote on the endorsement itself.

Scott is not only a former Alice Co-Chair, but has been active in tackling difficult issues on the Board of Supervisors. He continues to work aggressively to have MUNI funded, he supports rent control while also looking for ways to increase housing options for individuals and families in the City. He insists that HIV funding levels be maintained, and is a key player in getting funding to secure a better street-scape for the new Castro sidewalk widening plan. Scott has been active in supporting nightlife, and was the first Supervisor to ever ask the City Economist to conduct a study of the fiscal benefits of city nightlife.

We will be sending out the full February program in a few days. Please come to theFebruary 10th membership meeting, taking place at the LGBT Center at 6:30 PM, to vote to allow an early endorsement of Scott Wiener for re-election as District 8 Supervisor.

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