Martha Knutzen, Alice Board, Co-Chair

Martha Knutzen, Alice Board, Co-Chair

By Martha Knutzen
Alice Board, Co-Chair

This is my last column as Co-Chair of Alice.  I cannot believe how quickly two years went by- which can only mean I was enjoying myself despite all the responsibilities ! I get to say anything I want, so here goes…

I will always be proud that I was asked to help manage our Club after being involved with it for so many years.  As I have been able to say many times in this column, we have a great Board. When you have a truly great set of activists to work with, you get far more than you can give, so thank you everyone for this experience. 

Alice has had two very good years.  Thanks to membership, we have more money in our general fund than ever.  Thanks to policy, programs and communications, we have more of those members coming to our meeting. Thanks to finance and events, we had two of the most successful Pride Breakfasts which broke fundraising goals each year.  And, thanks to PAC and field, we spent that money effectively to elect LGBT local candidates to office throughout the city. Working together this effectively makes us powerful and respected.

It is always important to have a competent Treasurer who lets you sleep at night, thanks Juan for that.  And, thanks to Curt for summarizing all our meetings and Greg for keeping the peace at key moments !

I got to work with two really talented co-chairs:  Reese Isbell and Ron Flynn.  At key moments, they both rose to the occasion and we were able to keep Alice on track because of their superb ability to communicate with people.  They are both top strategists in the LGBT community who raised our stature within the City’s political world.  We have successfully rebranded Alice to make our endorsements important beyond the LGBT community.  I really enjoyed working with both of you.

Finally, I want to thank my now very legally sanctioned wife Fran Kipnis.  As you know, she also served as the Alice Co-Chair and has now finished two years as my key advisor on every decision I made.  Everyone now is used to hearing, “well, Fran thinks…” before I start a discussion.  We are a rare lesbian couple who both love politics and have made it a key part of our lives.  We can’t believe how much things have changed during our over 20 years of activism for the LGBT community.  Thanks Alice for being our political home now and in the years to come.


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