Ron Flynn

Alice Board Co-Chair Ron Flynn

By: Ron Flynn
Alice Board, Co-Chair

Election day is here.  We trust you have received our slate card with our recommendations – you can find them here.  Alice volunteers have worked tirelessly to distribute the cards, we placed advertisements, and we send mail.  We did all of this not only to provide you the information and conclusions we came to after meeting with every candidate and ballot supporter or opponent, but to GET OUT THE VOTE.

Here in San Francisco we are somewhat spoiled.  We have an election department that WANTS us to vote.  There will be no long lines.  There will be no ID check.  There will be none of the devises that are being set up throughout the United States to discourage voters.  That is because, win or lose, the City believes in the democratic process.  Yes, we have major policy disputes.  And often disagree on big issues.  But we all agree on encouraging voter participation.

It is not this way everywhere.  The Supreme Court has set us on a course that will likely see many people of color and poor people disenfranchised.  Gutting the Voting Rights Act will have devastating consequences unless we figure out a way to fix it.  But here in San Francisco we do not face those roadblocks to voting.  We encourage all communities to vote.

So while this is, by all predictions, supposed to be a “low turnout” election, it remains an important election nevertheless.  Yes, our Citywide elected are running unopposed.  But the message that we send, particularly the LGBT community, when we turn out to vote in large blocks is powerful.

If you do not have it within you to vote November 5th because you feel your vote does not matter, vote anyway.  Vote to send a message to the people in Florida who are forced to wait in line for hours, or the people in South Carolina who will be turned away for lack of adequate identification.  Send a message to everyone that voting matters.


Thanks, and have a great election day.



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