Martha Knutzen, Alice Board, Co-Chair

Martha Knutzen, Alice Board, Co-Chair

By Martha Knutzen
Alice Board, Co-Chair

As the fog of summer turns away from our City and we all bask in the beautiful warm days of October, Alice activists know its time to …. GET OUT THE VOTE!

During August, our PAC committee, chaired by David Augustine and Zoe Dunning, held a full day meeting with our Board to listen to all the advocates for candidates and propositions. The outcome of those endorsements are on our website and we hope you will take a moment to take a look at them. In September, our Finance committee, chaired by Lou Fischer and Alex Randolph, talked to our endorsed campaigns, soliciting money from them to fund our Slate Mailer Organization. With that money, we design the slate card that will be mailed out to the voters of San Francisco. We have a sample of the card in our newsletter and we hope you will take a look at the beautiful design work of Mary Leigh Henneberry.

Our Pride Breakfast, held in June this year, was our most successful event ever. The profits from that event go to fund our field work. Our active board members commit to at least 6 hours of work each election period to help our endorsed candidates and issues get the votes they need to win. This year, our Field Chairs, Eric Lukoff and Gina Simi, have put together a great plan for us to get out the vote in San Francisco. If you are a general member and are reading this column, we hope you will get involved in these activities. If you are interested, we will post all the event logistics on our web site.

First, we will spend all day at our booth at the Castro Street Fair on October 6, 2013. Look for us near 18th and Hartford. We will be passing out our endorsement card and hosting candidates and campaign spokespeople. Refreshments are served to volunteers and it’s a lot of fun!

Second, we will be walking precincts to drop our field card throughout District 8 and 4. We hope to boost the vote for Supervisor Katy Tang in District 4 this year. Anyone who knows the City will know she has the flattest precincts – very easy to walk with a friend!

Third, we are having several post card events. We will all gather to label, stamp and write notes to voters. We hope the extra energy we put into this will produce 1,000 more votes in a low turn out election.

Finally, we will be visible in key areas near and on Election Day, passing out our card and getting people to the polls.

So get involved with Alice this Fall. And, don’t forget to vote by November 5th. Remember, electing Democrats who support us matters!

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