Martha Knutzen, Alice Board, Co-Chair

Martha Knutzen, Alice Board, Co-Chair

When I ran for Alice Co-Chair, I talked about how our club serves as a local “Victory Fund” for our active board members. We ask our board members become fundraisers, field operatives and political strategists as part of their Alice experience. Because of this, I am very proud to report that Alice members become elected officials, commissioners and department heads. All of us have helped move the LGBT community forward in its fight for full equality with the experience we gained through Alice.

The Alice Pride Breakfast involves all of us working as a team to produce what has become the premier political event of Pride weekend. Our Board of 35 volunteers work after their “day jobs” to put an event together that draws over 400 people, including elected officials from national, state and local government and leaders from our business and labor communities. The money we raise is used to support our endorsed candidates during the next election cycle by getting our message out throughout San Francisco. I would like to take a moment to describe how we work together to create the Alice Pride Breakfast.

As I write this column at the end of May, our finance Co-Chairs, Lou Fischer and Alex Randolph, have led the Finance Committee in raising over $50,000 in commitments. I am especially proud of the broad range of support we received from elected officials. This year, we added new support from the business, tech, sports, labor and activist communities. Please take a moment to look at our sponsor lists, we thank each and every one of them for supporting the LGBT community.

Our Events Co-Chairs, Christopher Vasquez and Coma Te, are working with Yang Sing Restaurant to make sure the event is fun and special. This year, besides the signature Dim Sum, they ensure all the tables are set, guests are seated at the right table, volunteers are organized and we begin by 8:30 a.m !

We called on our fabulous Communications Co-Chairs, Micah Hilt and Thomas Li, to get the word out early and often. We are very proud of our new website, newsletter and Facebook page. This year, we were able to effectively invite and thank sponsors in close to real time. There is no way not to know about this event if you are on-line !

Our Membership and Field Committees, Co-Chairs Adam Taylor and Amy Moore, and Eric Luckoff and Gina Simi, will organize the volunteers who serve as ushers, greeters and all around support the day of the event. After that, they begin working to turn out voters in November.

And, every active Board Member, who commits to giving or getting 5 people to attend.

Finally, this event has had some big help from my fellow Co-Chair, Ron Flynn, who keeps even our late night meetings calm and productive. Our key fundraisers, Ken Cleaveland and Reese Aaron Isbell, built new alliances this year with our business and labor friends. Our Treasurer, Juan Cerda, who kept track of all our expenses and deposits. And, my spouse, former Co-Chair Fran Kipnis, has kept me steady throughout the months of Pride planning. It would not have happened without you.

It’s a big event during what we hope will be a very special year in LGBT history. We are so proud to welcome Rep Mark Takano, the first Asian American Congressman from the LGBT community, as our keynote speaker. See you all for Alice Pride, details and sponsors below.

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