Reese Aaron Isbell

Reese Aaron Isbell, Immediate Past Co-Chair

By Reese Aaron Isbell, MPP

Immediate Past Co-Chair
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts: “I suppose the sea change has a lot to do with the political force and effectiveness of people representing, supporting your side of the case? You don’t doubt that the lobby supporting the enactment of same sex-marriage laws in different States is politically powerful, do you? … As far as I can tell, political figures are falling over themselves to endorse your side of the case.”
Previously, in the cauldron of dark episodes in the career of “Powerful Gay” and His “Gay Mafia”:
1940‘s: The full team of the “Gay Mafia” controlled every Hollywood studio in the growing power of the entertainment mediums (movies, music, theater, and television in the homes of every American!) and with the creation of secret scripts and subliminal messages could make everyone in the country bow to their will;
1950’s: With his use of insider knowledge at the highest levels, “Powerful Gay” was able to easily divulge the military and political secrets of the USA to the highest bidders around the world;
1960’s: To recruit more members of the “Gay Mafia,” “Powerful Gay” had a special power in his wink that quickly turned anyone gay without his or her consent, and he also traveled to every shopping center in the country and added special knock-out toaster ovens that had the ability to switch normal average Americans on to the homosexual lifestyle;
1970’s: Worried about dwindling numbers of the “Gay Mafia,” members spread out all over the country to infiltrate the local school systems, become teachers and administrators, and try to recruit young innocent school children;
1980’s: Despite setbacks in the numbers of the “Gay Mafia” through the use of apparently God-approved death rays, “Powerful Gay” was able to take over the entire health care industry, and even brainwash the Surgeon General, to spend lavishly on health care needs that only they supposedly needed;
1990’s: While many of the “Gay Mafia” lived below poverty levels due to discriminatory firings, underemployment, and bans on living quarters, “Powerful Gay” was secretly hoarding a financial treasure worth billions and could simply buy off any politician he so desired to do his bidding and make them create “special rights” for them only against the wishes of the rest of the country;
2000’s: Despite the loss of EVERY SINGLE STATEWIDE INITIATIVE around the country in these dark years and the wedge-issue politics to raise funds for the good and just, “Powerful Gay” was in actuality able to simply wave his magic wand to make the court system of the country bow down to his will through ‘activist judges’ he planted years ago;
2010’s: Producing a simple concoction of Kool-Aid and water mixed with brain washing formula, and rigging elections and poll numbers, “Powerful Gay” and his minions in the “Gay Mafia” were able to take over the minds of every politician around the country and get them to promote their cause to the masses.
Stay tuned for further achievements and plans to take over the world by the rich, the powerful, the superior, the mind-controlling “Powerful Gay” and His “Gay Mafia”!

Homophobia is actually well-named because it is the fear of us that drives so many of the beliefs related to our lives. Despite being continually discriminated against, growing up in conditions where we were told we were evil and continually made to be afraid to simply live our lives, having society’s majorities pretend we don’t exist by pushing us out of homes and neighborhoods and states, by bashing and pummeling and bullying and killing us over and over again, and more, the larger society’s fears of us actually being ‘powerful’ allow the majority to feel better about themselves while driving many ludicrous widespread rumors and reasons to hate. Justice Roberts doesn’t even realize his own self-rationalized fear of us with his statements about our supposedly being ‘powerful.’ One day soon, perhaps, he and others will start realizing we’re all just simple regular human beings, have no secret powers, and are not plotting to take over the world.

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