Reese Aaron Isbell, Co-Chair Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

Reese Aaron Isbell, Co-Chair

Two years ago I met with Alice’s Board of Directors and the Membership and pointed to my wedding finger and said, “For the next two years as your incoming Co-Chair I promise to be married to Alice.”

Well, two years later, it’s been quite a busy marriage! And I’ve loved every minute of it. I am honored to have been given this opportunity to be in this leadership role and thank you all for the tremendous support and great works we’ve done together.

As my two-year term ends and I leave my position in good hands with the new co-chairs, I am proud to see Alice continuing to grow and become stronger than ever. I want to especially thank my two co-chairs with whom I served: Bentrish Satarzadeh and Martha Knutzen. They each deserve great praise for their dedication and service and I couldn’t have made better friends in working with them.

Last year, at the end of 2011, I did a month-by-month breakdown of all the amazing work we did that year as an organization, and now I will follow that with another breakdown below for 2012:

January 2012

  • Alice elects new 2012 Board of Directors. The Bay Area Reporter Article
  • Alice sends Letter to the Editor to the Bay Area Reporter supporting Supervisor Scott Wiener’s first year of service as a supervisor to the Bay Area Reporter and the San Francisco Chronicle
  • Alice speaks out on Board of Supervisors new Committee posts in the Bay Area Reporter
  • Alice represents with a table at the San Francisco Labor Council’s Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Breakfast
  • Alice sends letter to Mayor Lee on appointments to the San Francisco Health Commission
  • Alice speaks before a City Hall hearing on LGBT Senior Issues. Bay Area Reporter Article
  • Alice forms Board Working Groups on Bylaws, Redistricting, DCCC, and Commission seats at City Hall

February 2012

  • Alice Board of Directors hosts All-Day Board Retreat
  • Alice participates in local rallies on the Court of Appeals ruling in support of the unconstitutionality of Proposition 8
  • Alice represents and takes volunteer shifts to support the Viewing of the AIDS Memorial Quilt
  • Alice participates in the California Democratic Convention in San Diego
  • Newly appointed Supervisor Christina Olague was welcomed and spoke at Alice’s Membership Meeting, along with Task Force Member/Alice Board Member Myong Leigh who presented an update from the City’s Redistricting Task Force
  • Alice sends letter to Redistricting Task Force
  • Alice organizes and attends the President Obama visit on Nob Hill. The Bay Times Article
  • Alice organizes on LGBT representation within San Francisco Commissions and Task Forces
  • Co-Chairs spend the early part of the year meeting with prospective candidates and campaigns for June and November elections who wish to learn more about Alice, our endorsements, and our issues

March 2012

April 2012

May 2012

June 2012

July 2012

  • Alice Board Member Zoe Dunning is sworn in as a member of the DCCC and is elected to it’s First Vice Chair position
  • Alice welcomes Steve Kawa, Chief of Staff to Mayor Ed Lee, as the Guest Speaker to discuss the state of the City
  • Alice joins Freedom From Tobacco in supporting guidelines and principles for compliance on secondhand smoke laws
  • Co-Chairs spend the summer meeting with prospective November candidates and campaigns who wish to learn more about Alice, our endorsements, and our issues

August 2012

September 2012

October 2012

  • Alice hoists a record 10 billboards and 1 News Rack advertisement throughout the City, many in outer reaches of the City where Alice has not been showcased before, promoting its top candidates for Supervisor and important propositions
  • Alice’s Field Activities for November 2012 election are in full operation throughout the City by tabling every weekend and by walking by hand
  • Alice mails out 110,000+ slate cards and materials to voters throughout the City three times before the election, including individually-targeted mailings sent to voters in specific contested supervisorial districts
    Alice posts weekly advertisements in the LGBT community press and other papers
    Alice sends out weekly election alert emails
    Alice tables all day with a booth at the Castro Street Fair
  • Members of Alice travel to Nevada and Iowa to help turn the states Blue for Obama
    The Democratic County Central Committee formally re-charters Alice
  • Alice Membership Meeting highlights Field Plans throughout the City with key speakers from the San Francisco Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, and Alice’s own Field Chairs

November 2012

2012 Fall Awards:

Leadership Award
Bentrish Satarzadeh

Community Public Service Awards
La Casa de Las Madres
Domestic Violence Consortium
Commission on the Status of Women

Elected Official of the Year
District Attorney George Gascón

Robert Barnes Lifetime Achievement Award
Ed Harrington

Emeritus Members of the Year
Anna Damiani
Jerry Fuller

Volunteers of the Year
Juan Cerda
Kelton Finney
Ron Flynn

  • Alice joins with the Noe Valley Democratic Club and San Francisco for Democracy to hear from Dr. Corey Cook on analysis of the recent election

December 2012

  • Alice Nominating Committee begins its work on recommendations for Alice’s 2013 Board of Directors to be voted upon in January
  • Alice Hosts its annual Holiday Party Potluck on December 15th
    Alice joins with the City Family at a Press Conference at City Hall, and other gatherings, as the U.S. Supreme Court announces it will hear the case against DOMA and the case against Proposition 8.

Looking over this year’s listing and last year’s listing I am so happy and amazed and proud of all that our organization has accomplished. We are the biggest Club in town and the one doing the most work– the most field, the most slate mail, the most advertising, the most education for the public, the most volunteers in the City. We are 40+ years strong and we are not going anywhere but further and farther into a stronger future. We should be quite proud of this. And I am so honored to have been given this opportunity to be a part of this outstanding Club’s service.

I do not know everything 2013 will bring for me as I take off my two-year-term wedding band, but I will continue to be a part of Alice and will always be here as needed. And I know that Alice will continue to shine as it always has.

Reese Aaron Isbell
Outgoing Co-Chair

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