Its April, and June’s Busting Out All Over

Reese Aaron Isbell, Alice Co-Chair

Beginning the year as Aliceʼs incoming Co-Chair I prepared, as any good Democrat of a longtime Democratic Club would do, to heed the call by our new Democratic governor for a special election this June. And I rallied the cause with gusto. I loved the idea of working closely with all my fellow Democrats, within Alice, with other clubs, within the City and throughout California on a common Democratic cause to shore up our fiscal state.

Throughout January, February, and March, I worked with our Alice board and members to prepare our usual full court press of field and endorsement and promotion for a June election knowing it needed to happen and we needed to win. Alice has always been at the forefront of getting Democrats out to vote and this special election was especially important.

Additionally, I began working with diverse Democrats to prepare activities together. My wonderful Co-Chair Bentrish and I scheduled a coffee with the two new Co-Chairs of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, as well as the leaders of other groups. I also spoke in front of the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) in support of us all working together to shore up a statewide Democratic vote for June.

And then, once again, Republicans go and foul everything up. If there was anything in the world that could help unite our lovingly diverse Democratic party, itʼs certainly the intransigence and outdated mentality of Republicans. While we have succeeded here in California in making the Republicans a minor party, there is this destructive way they utilize an unfortunate 2/3rds threshold in the state legislature. Their mine-or nothing mentality blocked a June election despite continued Democratic good faith negotiations.

Let it be shown by their own deeds that these mine-or Republican politicians seem to have no sense of interest in the state and only live to serve the wishes of right-wing DC philosophers and radio shock jocks. In the end, by charging after the windmills of disproven ideologues, they make themselves less and less relevant. As their party loses more and more voters, their cause becomes less and less heard.

So now that the June special election has been stymied by these radical extremists, we Democrats will instead move forward with a different set of next steps. Voters throughout the state are ready to move forward to save the state without and despite the Republicans. And we Democrats are ready to move forward too.

Furthermore, June is still a beautiful month for proud solidarity and community support. And what can be more exciting than participating in the annual Alice Pride Breakfast? Save the Date now for our big shindig: June 26, Sunday, 8-10am, Yank Sing restaurant.

We may not be voting this June, but weʼll still be making ourselves heard with our assembly and our marching feet. I look forward to seeing you all there, united as proud Democrats in a growing chorus of sensible majority Californians.

Reese Aaron Isbell, Co-Chair
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

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