Turning 40

As I was turning 40 last year, there were times when I’d worry and be troubled by the thought of aging. But then, ironically, the opposite occurred as the day hit. I welcomed it with a whole new outlook and began to see a fuller future before me.

Alice is on its way to turning 40 at the end of this year. And as we get closer to that date, we are beginning to see a stronger and more vibrant future for Alice. Forty years of active participation in the Democratic Party. Forty years of being out and proud of our LGBT brothers and sisters. Forty years of focusing the Democratic Party on the issues of our LGBT community. Alice is proud of its history and excited for its future as it reaches this milestone.

I am honored to be the newly elected Co-Chair of this esteemed organization. Alice has never been bigger in size and position and stature, and we’re only beginning to take the next steps in our growth. I hope you’ll join us in our activities and planning as we take on our 40th year. We have a great many new adventures awaiting our club and community this year and next. Please consider joining in our meetings, committees, programs, and events, and let’s get to work. Email us right now to get involved and plan on attending our next membership meeting on Monday, February 14th.

As we celebrate 40, we also continue our steadfast and principled promotion of our community and our Democratic Party. Here’s to turning 40!

Reese Aaron Isbell, Co-Chair
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

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