Following the election of November, 2010, Alice sent a letter to the an Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) taking principled stances on the issue of the last-minute emails and mailer attacking fellow Democrats in the local supervisorial elections. Alice specifically requested an agenda item at the soonest time available by the DCCC to discuss “Negative Campaigning by the SFDCCC against other Democrats in the 2010 election” to allow for a full, robust discussion.

The next scheduled meeting of the DCCC was on January 26th, 2011, where 15 members of the Alice Board of Directors, joined in the conversation about what transpired in 2010. A civil, lengthy, and collegial discussion was had by all, with the end result a committee appointed on the DCCC to put forward new policy language on Party communications and slate mailers at the next upcoming meetings of the DCCC for a vote.

Alice can be proud of its continued role in working with, and within, the Democratic Party to help strengthen our collective voice for Democrats everywhere. For nearly 40 years Alice has been a part of the Democratic Party and we continue to challenge and support it in moving us all forward.

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