Official Slate of Nominees for the 2011 Board of Directors

Join us this Monday, January 10, for the first General Membership meeting of the year as we elect and inaugurate the new Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club Board of Directors. As usual, we will meet at 6:30 at the San Francisco LGBT Center.

And the nominations for the 2011 Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club are:

Bentrish Satarzadeh
Reese Aaron Isbell

Alfredo Pedroza

Justin Jones

Martha Knuzten

Immediate Past Co-Chair
Charles Sheehan

Keith Baraka – Co-Chair
Brian Leubitz – Co-Chair
Ken Cleveland
Colleen Crowley
Lisa Williams
Todd Mavis
Zoe Dunning – New Board Member
Brett Andrews

Kevin Cheng – Chair
Lamonte Bishop
Ron Flynn
Michael Monagle
Kelton Finney
David Augustine
Susan Christian

Jack Song- Co-Chair
Jason Chan-Co-Chair
Francis Tsang – Special Events
Julian Chang
Curt Robinson – New Board Member
Christopher Vasquez – New Board Member

Alex Randolph – Chair
Shane Mayer – New Board Member
Owen Stephens

Mark Murphy – Co-Chair
Angela Brown – Co-Chair
Myong Leigh

David Fujimoto – Co-Chair
Rebecca Prozan – Co-Chair
Mark Dunlop
Greg Flores

Lou Fischer – Co-Chair
Adam Taylor – Co Chair and New Board Member
Michael Kasian
Anne Teltorst – New Board Member
Juan Cerda – New Board Member
Amy Moore – New Board Member

Julius Turman – Co-Chair
Andrea Shorter – Co-Chair
Bob Dockendorff
Cecilia Chung

Emeritus Board
Jim Maloney
Kirk Oatman
Jim Illig
Dean Goodwin
Dennis Edelman
Fran Kipnis
Rich Kowalewski
Anna Damiani
Andrew Bryant
Jerry Fuller
Dan Bernal
Carole Cullum
Paul Hogan
John Newsome
Tom Runge
Michael Costa
Matthew Rothschild
Nathan Purkiss
Theresa Sparks

What: Membership Meeting and 2011 Board Elections
When: Monday, January 10 at 6:30pm
Where: SF LGBT Center
1800 Market Street.

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