Dear Madame Speaker:

We write to you to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for your extraordinary leadership in fighting for middle class Americans, minorities, and for our country’s future.

From the moment you were confirmed as the Speaker of the House, you made San Francisco proud to be represented by the first woman Speaker. Since then, you have continued to make history in your steadfast leadership in helping to bring about health insurance reform, the Student Aid & Fiscal Responsibility Act, Wall Street Reform, the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights, the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, the Economic Recovery Act and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. In particular, your stance against the Iraq War and most recently, against the GOP tax cuts, showed true San Francisco courage and conviction. At each turn you stood for the American people and challenged the direction this country was headed in order to make sure we were making America more just, safe, and healthy.

As the oldest LGBT Democratic Club in the Country, we are particularly grateful for your advocacy and efforts on behalf of our community. Specifically, your powerful leadership in finally repealing DADT, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act as well as your continued work on passing an inclusive ENDA and overturning DOMA. All of this as well as your personal feelings about equal rights for the LGBT community have always kept our rights at the forefront. Your place in history, on the right side of justice, is secure. Today, because of your work, we are on the brink of wide-scale positive change for the betterment of LGBT citizens throughout our country. We look forward to continuing this important work with you.

Under your leadership, the House has consistently achieved the kind of progressive change for which we have been fighting for generations. Thank you for weathering right-wing lies and smears with grace and a determined resolve in the name of civil rights and justice. You have made a difference in so many lives; your service has made us all better. We are so proud to be your constituents.

With deepest gratitude,

The Alice B. Toklas Board of Directors

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