Constant Struggle

Charles Sheehan, Co-Chair

How about that Alice Breakfast? I confess, I can’t stop talking or thinking about it. I find excuses to bring it up with people. In fact, when I see someone who attended the breakfast, I will usually start the conversation by asking, “How about that breakfast?” Over 415 people attended our event this year, setting an attendance record for the fourth year in a row. And how about that moment when Attorney General Jerry Brown finished speaking and we invited up Kamala Harris, Betty Yee, Tom Torlakson, and Dave Jones for a photo-op? Wasn’t that moment simply perfect? Cameras snapping, the crowd cheering…how sublime! It’s no wonder we made the evening news. Many thanks to all who made this event a reality.

Now, in reference to the title of my Co-Chair’s column, Mao Zedong, the late leader of the People’s Republic of China, had long advocated for a state of continuous revolution or constant revolution. I am not going to expound upon the background of Mao’s promulgation, but I am going liken Mao’s idea to the state of the LGBT movement.

ENDA – Need I say more? A law that would prevent the firing of someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity just doesn’t seem to be a priority for most members of Congress, Democrat or Republican. I am incensed, but an overwhelming majority of our Congress does not seem to share my concerns; the struggle goes on.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Dan Choi is out. DADT is still in. While everyone heralds the great compromise reached some months ago, recent statements from Obama Press Guru Robert Gibbs and Defense Secretary William Gates instill little confidence that DADT is going anywhere fast; the struggle goes on.

Marriage Equality – With poll after poll showing little or no movement among the electorate for repealing Proposition 8, our community must be prepared for a protracted fight for full equality; the struggle goes on.

So you see, it truly is a state of constant struggle. I wish I could say that we were on the precipice, on the cusp of a new era of justice. But I just don’t feel it, do you?

Charles Sheehan, Co-Chair
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

P.S. I never thought that Mao Zedong would make it into my Alice Co-Chair Column.

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