Mike Sullivan, one of Alice’s endorsed candidates in the AD12 for San Francisco DCCC, is looking for volunteers to help distribute campaign literature by precinct walking and meeting voters at a major Muni stop.

Here is what he needs:

Precinct Walking: People who will be willing to walk Mike’s mail pieces to homes in a particular precinct. What does that mean? Mike gives you a map of the precinct (a several block area), with easy directions to the houses we need to hit. No doorbell-ringing – you just walk the piece to the front door, and leave it there. Walking a precinct generally takes about an hour and a half. To make this easy, we’re doing the precinct-walking at the same time (10AM-2PM) for the next 2 weeks.


Saturday, May 29 from 10-2pm

Sunday, May 30 from 10-2pm

Saturday, June 5 from 10-2pm

Sunday, June 6 from 10-2pm

Meeting Voters at Muni Stop: On the Thursday/June 3, Friday/June 4, Monday/June 7 and Tuesday/June 8, Mike will be going to MUNI stops to hand out fliers (likely West Portal or Forest Hill). Mike will be doing it in the AM commute (7:30-8:45) and in the evening (5:30-6:45). If you could join Mike in that effort, that would be fantastic.

Thursday, Morning commute June 3

Thursday, Evening commute June 3

Friday, Morning commute June 4

Friday, Evening commute June 4

Monday, Morning commute June 7

Monday, Evening commute June 7

Tuesday, Morning commute June 8

For more information about Mike’s campaign for DCCC visit: http://www.mikesullivanfordccc.com/

To sign-up for a date and time contact Mike at email: sulliva1@ix.netcom.com – Phone: (415) 983-1064.

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