Special Meeting – April 5 General Membership Vote on Alice PAC Recommendations for the June 2010 Election

Join us on April 5 for the General Membership vote on the Alice PAC recommendations for the June, 2010 Election. We will also vote on the early endorsement of Kamala Harris for California Attorney General, Theresa Sparks for District 6 Supervisor and Carmen Chu for District 4 Supervisor. At the last General Membership meeting, the membership voted to suspend the bylaws and vote on the early endorsements for these three candidates.

Location: LGBT Center, 1800 Market St (@Octavia)
Time & Date: Monday, April 5, 2010 6:30-8:00 PM

We will also be hosting Assemblywoman Fiona Ma who will give us a state legislative update and will take questions from Alice Members.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be NO regularly scheduled meeting of the General Membership on APRIL 12!

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, the Alice Political Action Committee (PAC) voted to recommend to endorse the following ballot measures and candidates for the June state and local elections:

State Propositions:

Proposition 13, Limits on Property Tax Assessments – YES
Prevents reassessment of buildings that have had seismic upgrades. Common sense measure.

Proposition 14, Primary Election Reform – NO
Would require that candidates run in a single primary open to all registered voters, with the top two vote-getting candidates meeting in a runoff. Would result in likely destruction of California’s minor and independent political parties.

Proposition 15, California Fair Elections – YES
Would assess fees on registered lobbyists in California and use the additional revenue to provide some funding for political campaigns for those running for the Secretary of State. Would reduce the power of special interests in politics.

Proposition 16, Two/Thirds Voter Approval for Local Public Electricity Providers – NO
Strong and unanimous opposition to PG&E power grab. If passed, it would take a two-thirds vote of the electorate before a public agency could enter the retail power business.

Proposition 17, Auto Insurance Initiative – NO
Would divide market into long-term insurance holders with lower rates and short-term holders with higher rates, and thereby make insurance harder to obtain for drivers who most need it.

City Propositions:

Proposition A, School Facilities Tax Renewal – YES
Would renew an existing small tax in effect since 1990, and that designates that tax proceeds could only be used for capital improvements.

Proposition B, Earthquake Safety Bond – YES
Would authorize the City to sell a $412 million bond to retrofit certain buildings for earthquake safety reasons. Buildings targeted for earthquake safety upgrades include neighborhood police stations, fire stations and the Hall of Justice.

Proposition C, Charter Amendment for Film Commission – YES
Would divide the appointments for the Film Commission, with the Mayor appointing six commissioners, and the Board of Supervisors appointing five. Currently the Mayor appoints all eleven members.

Proposition D, Charter Amendment for Retirement Costs – YES
Would require new public employees hired by the City to contribute 9% to their pension, rather than the 7% contributed by existing public employees of the City.

Proposition E, Budget Line Item for Police Security – NO
Would highlight monies going to protect public officials and could make public officials wary of accepting necessary public safety protections.

Proposition F, Renters Hardship – NO
Would allow renters who lose their jobs or have their wages cut to apply for a financial hardship deferral so that any rent increases they might otherwise face would be deferred. Poorly drafted ordinance that was never heard in committee and has no means testing–so even very wealthy individuals could receive its protections.

Proposition G, Transbay Terminal – YES
Would make it official City policy that the Transbay Terminal should be the northern terminus of California’s High Speed Rail.

No single candidate received more than 60% of the vote by Alice PAC members—the threshold required by Alice bylaws for recommendation.

Judicial Seat 15 – MICHAEL NAVA
Michael Nava is imminently qualified to serve on the bench, yet he has been passed over numerous times when the Governor had the option to appoint.

DCCC General Discussion

With the exception of David Campos, the Alice PAC is not recommending any sitting Supervisors for the DCCC.*We feel it is important to explain why we are taking this stance on the issue. As a Democratic club, it is incumbent on us not just to support Democratic candidates, or LGBT Democratic candidates, but to support the Democratic Party as well. Part of that support has to be grooming potential Democratic candidates for elected office. The DCCC is a time-honored path to higher elected office. When sitting supervisors run for the DCCC, they shut out lesser-known candidates, effectively closing off this avenue for newcomers—the up-and-coming Democrats we need to support in order to grow and expand our party. As a result, these current Supervisors will probably all win thanks to name recognition, and they will form a significant block on the DCCC. This is wrong. It is not good for the party and it is not good for San Francisco. We made an exception for David Campos because he is a member of the LGBT community and because he is currently the only member of the Latino community serving on the DCCC.

Melissa Apuya
Keith Baraka
David Campos
Ryan Clary
Leslie Katz
Linda Richardson
Catherine Stefani
Joe Alioto Veronese
Scott Wiener

Andrew Clark
Dan Dunnigan
Tom Hsieh
Mary Jung
Megan Levitan
Melanie Nutter
Connie O’Connor
Arlo Smith
Mike Sullivan
Matthew Tuchow
Alex Volberding

Board of Equalization District 1
Betty Yee

State Senate District 8
Leland Yee

State Assembly District 12
Fiona Ma

State Assembly District 13
Tom Ammiano

Secretary of State
Debra Bowen

John Chiang

Bill Lockyer

Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones

Superintendent of Public Instruction
No recommendation
No single candidate received more than 60% of the vote by Alice PAC members—the threshold required by Alice bylaws for recommendation.

U.S. Senate
Barbara Boxer

Congress District 8
Nancy Pelosi

Congress District 12
Jackie Speier

Jerry Brown

Lt. Governor
Gavin Newsom

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