Charles Sheehan, Alice Co-Chair

Charles Sheehan, Alice Co-Chair

Disgusted with politics yet? I can’t turn a corner without someone telling me how fed-up they are with politics; locally and nationally.

Let’s examine the evidence; after more than a year with a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate, the Democrats have been unable to pass universal healthcare. At President Obama’s Healthcare Summit, John McCain made some sort of illusion to the Senate as a “revered” institution. Was he serious? Who reveres the Senate? Do you? I certainly don’t at this point in time! The U.S. Senate is nothing more than a compromise hammered out between small state and big states in 1787. Well, it’s 2010, and what worked back then, isn’t working anymore. Even 60 votes aren’t enough to enact a watered-down, overly-compromised solution to a vexing problem that is destroying our economy and leaving approximately 40 million U.S. residents without healthcare.

Nay Senator McCain, the Senate isn’t revered in the least; it’s symbolic of our do-nothing, hyper-pluralist government. Let’s examine the evidence; universal healthcare – no solution; global climate change – no solution; education reform – no solution; crippling budget deficits – no solution; and the list goes on and on and on. If you’re elected to govern and can’t actually govern, then dissolution is the only solution. In Europe, they dissolve Parliament’s all the time. While those are different procedures for different governments, perhaps now is the time we seriously took a look at reforming some of the structures of our government. Can anyone honestly say they are working?

Have I lost hope? As dismayed as I am to admit it, I have lost a little hope. The problems are piling up and the solutions to these problems are nowhere to be found. Governing has become too difficult.

I will allow myself one faint glimmer of hope. If President Obama and the U.S. Senate can pass this overly-compromised, watered-down version of healthcare using the reconciliation option, I might just take back some of the things I said in this Co-Chair column. Mind you, some of the things I said, not all.

Stay tuned, my next Co-Chair column – the candidate mystique.

Charles Sheehan, Co-Chair
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

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